• When The Bull Cried

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    Danger, toil, and superstition pervade life in a mining town high up in the Bolivian mountains.

    -Best cinematographer/ Feature documentary competition: Camerimage 2018, Poland
    -Best feature documentary: Provinizale Filmfest Eberswalde, 2018 Germany
    -Jury Special Mention Best Feature Doc...

  • Violet
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    A group of young BMX riders are confronted with the unexpected and violent death of Jonas, one of their friends. Fifteen-year-old Jesse was the only one to witness the incident and the others look to him for answers. His companions’ attitudes and his inability to answer their questions gradually ...

  • Añoranza
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    Half a century ago, an island in the Carribean got disconnected and missed out on globalization. What supposed to be a revolution of change and progression resulted in drastic boundary. An outside world, dissonant to revolutionary prospects became vaporous, banned from the stage and invisible. Th...

  • Behind The Redwood Curtain

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    Behind the Redwood Curtain takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the dark and eerie Redwood forest. Seven forest dwellers - loggers, scientists, activists and Native Americans – invite us to discover their part of these impressive woods. There are no Walmarts and Starbucks here, just small to...

  • Little Baby Jesus of Flandr

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    A film by Gust Van den Berghe, adapted from the Flemish play "En Waar de Sterre Bleef Stille Staan" by Felix Timmermans. A compelling story about three poor beggars, going around caroling on Christmas eve for money, food and liquor. They end up getting lost in the woods and witness the birth of l...